Creating meaningful visual content.

About Us

Led by the creative voice of Tony Papadopoulos, TPGD is an expert design consultancy with over 25 years experience in graphic design. We specialise in creating effective visual communications that connect your brand with your customer.

Great design begins with a clear purpose. So we make it our business to get to know you and your business, understand your unique objectives and create an authentic brand message that speaks meaningfully to your target audience.

Simplicity is vital to engaging communication. We work with you to create designs that cut through the clutter and help you stand out from the competition.

Who we work with

Every business is unique, but the principles of design excellence are universal. And no matter what the industry, we all share a common goal: customer satisfaction. These two elements are the driving force behind every project we deliver.

Our experience spans a wide range of industries including automotive, electrical, property & real estate, entertainment, fashion, hair & beauty, not for profit organisations, financial services and education.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout metropolitan Melbourne and around Australia. So whether you’re a local independent tradesman, retail franchise or multinational insurer, we can help.

Tony Papadopoulos Graphic Designer Mornington

TPGD designs are timeless. Unlike the fast world we live in full of quick fixes and fads, TPGD designs stand the test of time. I love my company’s branding and my clients love it too. It is original and defining. Perfectly targeted to the market that my company serves. Thank you Tony. I am a huge fan of your design work.

Megan Schutz
Schutz Consulting


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